Rebel Kitchen Mylks

Rebel Kitchen Mylks

There’s nothing rebellious about these dairy-free drinks, except perhaps the packaging! Rebel Kitchen is on a mission to make healthy snacks for the vegetarians, vegans and dairy-free amongst us with their range of “mylks”, all made without refined sugar and a natural base of pure coconut milk and spring water, sweetened with date nectar. The Kids Mylk Drinks are for children aged 3 and up, and come in flavours of chocolate, orange-chocolate and banana. The Adults Mylk Drinks are in slightly more mature flavours of Matcha Green Tea and Chai (and Chocolate), with the same coconut milk base. Get your paws on these little Rebels at Waitrose and Whole Foods, or for more stockists click here.

Retreat Cafe

Retreat on Carnaby Street

We’re going to let you in on a little secret this week. It’s called the Retreat Cafe and it’s an absolute gem. Hidden away on the third floor of Kingly Court, just off Carnaby Street, is this dinky little cafe which keeps the frequenters of the neighbouring Triyoga fully sated with their range of delicious freshly-pressed juices and vegetarian cuisine. With a few tables outside overlooking the courtyard it’s perfect on a sunny day, but is an equally lovely place to wrap up and enjoy a coffee while it rains. Owner and founder Kimberly Parsons started her career as a Naturopath, and the food is as wholesome as you’d expect from someone with those credentials. Retreat Cafe now has two locations, with the other in Parsons Green at the Power Yoga Company. They also sell a range of detox plans if you get inspired to have a bit of a cleanse. For more information, visit their website here

I Quit Sugar Book

Your sugar-free guide

2014 has definitely been a bad year for sugar, and rightly so. The spotlight on the negative health effects of sugar has lead to a great number of people ditching the sweet stuff. But there is so much more to the sugar-free picture than simply avoiding cakes, biscuits and soft-drinks. Sugar is hidden in all sorts of food, from ready-meals to table sauces, and even some of the alternatives that we consider to be more ‘healthy’ may contain an alarmingly high amount of sugar, albeit in different forms like fructose. Sarah Wilson is on a campaign to help people eliminate sugar from their diet and her book ‘I Quit Sugar’ not only gives you a great deal of information about sugar in all its forms, but provides a very doable 8-week programme to help get you on track with some delicious recipes along the way

Om Yoga Show

OM Yoga Show

Alright yoga bunnies, fancy a one-stop yoga show for all your downward dog needs? From 24-26 October, the OM Yoga Show comes to London Olympia, with open workshops and sessions in yoga and pilates for all levels. The country’s leading studios and experts will be on hand to advise and inspire you at over 200 stands, with accessories, clothing, Ayurveda and natural products. There will be children’s yoga for the little ones and free sessions on offer for the adults….you might fancy trying a different style of yoga for a change, or perhaps a fusion of pilates, yoga, music and dance. A ticket to the OM Yoga Show also gets you free admission to the Mind Body Soul Experience in Olympia’s neighbouring hall, an exhibition dedicated to complementary health, spiritual awareness and personal development. Ommmm