The Paget & Coles ethos was borne out of a love of food and
a commitment to health. From our London clinic we provide
nutrition advice of the highest standard to private and
corporate clients. Our online magazine and newsletter is a
healthy lifestyle resource designed to educate and inspire.
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Chocolate Bars Close up

Upping the cocoa content of your Easter indulgence

It’s been a tough month in the P&C office as we’ve sampled our way through some of most luxurious dark chocolate gifts on the market today. Be sure to add a smidgen of health to your Easter indulgence this weekend by putting those pallid eggs to one side and celebrating the new-found popularity of the dark chocolate Easter treat! read more


Food as fuel….preparing for the London Marathon

The London Marathon is just 2 weeks away. These two weeks are crucial for putting all the right fuel into all the right places, priming the machine that is your body for that 26-mile run. We take a look at the essentials… read more

valentines day feature image

Look after your loved one with these healthy Valentine’s Day treats

The exact origin of Valentine’s Day is a hotly debated subject. But whether it stems from the Pagan fertility festivals of ancient Rome, or from the story of the Christian martyr Valentinus, quite how we ended up making it all about overpriced cards, pink hearts, and sickly sweet cupids is anyone’s guess. read more

Food for sleep ft. image

Eat your way to a better night’s sleep…

The connection between diet and sleep has largely been concerned with the foods we should be avoiding. Caffeine, alcohol, fast food and refined carbohydrates are likely to leave us counting more sheep than we know what to do with. Reducing… read more

New Years Ft Image

2014: Healthy New Year’s Resolutions all round!

For those of you determined to make 2014 a year full of delicious and nutritious food, here are some of our favourite companies committed to making healthy eating as easy as possible, particularly designed to fit in around incredibly busy lives. read more

Acid Reflux Feature Image

GavisGONE! Managing acid reflux and heartburn with diet and lifestyle

The temptation is to assume that excess stomach acid is the principal cause of reflux, with medication to neutralise stomach acid (antactids eg. Gaviscon) or to suppress its production (proton pump inhibitors eg. Omeprazole) commonplace. In reality however, there are… read more

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