Headspace London

Headspace for a busy life

We’ve all perhaps heard about the benefits of meditating for stress management and improved focus, but knowing where to start if you’ve never practised meditation before is a little daunting. Enter Headspace, a free app which starts you off with Take Ten, 10 x 10-minute sessions which teach you the basics of meditation over 10 days. Even the busiest of individuals should be able to take 10 minutes out of their day. Headspace is a “gym membership for the mind”, and promises to make you smile more, sleep better and love better. If you enjoy Take Ten and the perks of the free app, you can subscribe to the more comprehensive Headspace experience and get access to sessions on health, relationships and performance, all for under a fiver a month.

Wild Flower Cocktails Forage

Flower power cocktail class

Lottie Muir, AKA The Cocktail Gardener, is the botanical mixologist, gardener and forager behind the pop-up roof garden cocktail bar Midnight Apothecary. Lottie creates exquisite cocktails and infusions using seasonal plants and now, in her next workshop on the 31st January, she will show you how to use foraged ingredients to pimp up your beverages this winter. The beauty of foraging is that you use what’s available on the day, so expect the unexpected from a wonderful list including rosehips, crab apples, elderberries, fennel, rosemary, sage and mahonia flowers. Guests will enjoy one of Lottie’s unique cocktail creations on arrival before learning how to blend these floral flavours and add finishing touches with seasonal garnishes. Places are extremely limited so we recommend booking as early as possible.

Freekeh grain wholefood

Get your Freekeh on

There has been quite a buzz recently about yet another superfood to hit the market. Freekeh is an ancient Arabian grain made from green wheat, which is picked unripe and then roasted over wood fires, giving it a lovely smoky and nutty flavour. Freekeh is packed full of protein, contains almost four times as much fibre as other grains and has a low glycemic index, which means it will have less of an impact on your blood sugar levels. Because the grain is harvested when young, it also retains more minerals than mature wheat. We recommend heating it through with sweet spices such as cinnamon, cloves and mint. For a ready to eat option, check out Merchant Gourmet’s freekeh, and it also works well with fruit and yoghurt for breakfast!

Yoga Glo Online Yoga Classes Yoga Glow

Yoga on the go

You may not have seen quite so many exercise DVDs adorning the shelves of the high street this January, and that’s largely due to the rising popularity of online exercise classes. Among the trailblazers of the online fitness movement were YogaGlo, who offer over 2,500 professionally filmed online yoga classes taught by experienced, certified yoga teachers, to people around the world. YogaGlo makes yoga accessible to everyone, with classes designed to give you an in-studio experience, at an affordable price, in your own home. And unlike many DVDs you can keep building your practice from beginner right through to advanced level, with a teacher who suits you, and you can even opt for shorter classes if you are pushed for time. So bring the yoga class to you and give their free 15-day trial a whirl!