E5 Bakehouse Breadmaking Course

East End bread-making

The subject of bread is guaranteed to ruffle a few feathers in the healthy eating community. If you are among those who are forever devoted to getting their daily bread, then you’ll ideally want to source the best quality loaf possible, made with minimally processed ingredients and free from preservatives and chemicals. To ensure that only the best ingredients make it into your bread, why not join the baking brigade and have a go at making it yourself? One of our favourite places to visit when we’re out East is the E5 Bakehouse. Alongside their in-house artisan bread shop they now offer a range of bread-making courses which cover all the basics and will equip you with all you need to get kneading. So dust off your apron, get channelling your inner Paul Hollywood and head out East to the only E number that matters when it comes to great quality bread.

Lizzis on the go granola

Breakfast on the go

The first meal of the day is an important one. Your body’s been fasting throughout the night so the first thing you feed it when you wake should be nutrient-rich and energy-dense, preparing you for the day ahead. Unfortunately breakfast is often the most rushed meal of the day, and flying out the door with half a piece of toast in one hand and Oyster card in the other is all too commonplace. This week we bring you three super quick breakfast options for those of you with only enough time to grab-and-go. Lizi’s on the go granola is low GL, lactose-free and contains plenty of nuts and seeds. Perk!er porridge pots are made using gluten-free oats and are sweetened with a little Xylitol. If you’re trying to pack more greens into your diet, these Power of Green Superfood Cereal Pots are made up of 50% oats and 50% organic superfoods.

Mildred's Soho

A Soho veggie institution

Soho is fast becoming the healthy eating hotspot for Londoners, with an array of restaurants that cater for almost every possible dietary eventuality. But long before the swathe of new kids arrived on the healthy block there was Mildred’s, which is something of a Soho institution. Mildred’s serves up honest, great tasting, vegetarian food and has managed to maintain a pretty consistent queue outside its front door ever since it opened in 1988. Don’t be put off by the queue; after all, only the coolest eateries have a no-reservation policy. You won’t have to wait too long for a table at Mildred’s and once you’re inside you’ll love the homely atmosphere and great service. So for a bit of old-school sustenance, add Mildred’s to your list next time you are out scouring the Soho streets for a spot of healthy supper.

Super Natural Cooking

Super Natural Cooking

We love a good cookbook, but we especially love one that tries to inspire a healthy lifestyle change. Super Natural Cooking by Heidi Swanson aims to help you embrace whole food cooking by inspiring you to use ingredients that go beyond your average kitchen staples. The book is divided into five main chapters: Build a Natural Foods Pantry, Explore a Wide Range of Grains, Cook by Colour, Know Your Superfoods and Use Natural Sweeteners. Swanson shows us how to branch out from what we’re used to, and experiment with unusual and exciting foods, all of which add healthy variety to our culinary habits. Although the recipes use only vegetarian ingredients, most of them can be adapted to suit meat dishes or meat ingredients, so there really is something for everyone here! Available on Amazon