London's alcohol free bars

Better booze

You may remember us writing about London’s first alcohol-free bar, Redemptionwhich takes pride in its delicious range of virgin swill. The latest trend to hit London’s booze scene, however, embodies the 80/20 rule in quite spectacular fashion. Several forward-thinking bars have decided to use fresh-pressed vegetable juices as the base for their cocktails, which certainly goes some way to lessen your toxic load and contribute to your F&V intake. East London’s Callooh Callay uses pea and anise infusions and carrot juice in its Peter Rabbit cocktail. The “World’s Best Bar” Artesian uses root vegetables and mushrooms in its mixers. And the bar under Dabbous restaurant has a host of vegetable-based tipple on offer….we hope this trend is here to stay!

Tomm Coles Healthy BBQ video

How to have a healthy BBQ

It’s summer time and what do we all love more than having a barbecue? Unfortunately the good old British tradition of barbecuing may not be that great for our health. Everything from the type of meat we choose to the way we cook it can lead to the consumption of high levels of certain nasty chemicals. In this week’s video, TC delves into the science of barbecuing and gives us a couple of quick and easy tips to help make cooking al fresco just that little bit healthier. To accompany the video be sure to read our EAT section this week on some of the best places to source organic, grass fed meats. Watch here.

Sourcing grass fed organic meat

Sourcing grass-fed

Hopefully you’ve all had the chance to watch our healthy BBQ video [link] and you are now armed with all you need for that perfectly healthy summer barbecue. But if you’re stuck on where to buy good quality meat to go atop those coals, here are a few ideas. Farmers’ markets are great places to start when sourcing free range, organic, grass-fed meat. To find your nearest farmers’ market click here. If you don’t have time to visit your local market, allow Abel & Cole or Riverford to deliver a box of BBQ-ready, top-notch meat to your door. You might even choose to accompany it with a box of their seasonal organic fruit and veg! Those Paleos amongst you should definitely try Laverstoke, who do a special Paleo meat box. And for heavy meat-eaters looking for a good deal, Athleat are currently offering 10% off new orders here. No excuse now to miss out on top quality meat!

Maggies Culture Crawl

Night-time culture crawl

Everyone could do with being a bit more active, and one of the best things about going on a nice long walk is that it’s exercise that doesn’t require a great amount of exertion. Throw a cultural tour and a great charity into the mix and you’ve got yourself a lovely evening sorted. On Friday 19th September, the charity Maggie’s is hosting its annual Culture Crawl, a 15 mile night-time walk around London. Walkers get to enjoy a host of artistic, architectural and cultural hotspots, whilst raising funds for cancer patients. Designer Ab Rogers is curating the event with Open House London, and promises fully interactive interventions and activities along the way, involving food, performance, light and sound….with a few surprises thrown in. Register here….