Healthy Eggnog Recipe

A guilt-free eggnog recipe

This week we’ve been whipping up an incredibly indulgent eggnog recipe for you. But while our version certainly tastes indulgent, it’s made with some of the best dietary alternatives we could find, so is darn well as near to ‘healthy’ as you’re going to find. We’ve made this recipe to yield 1 cup of eggnog, but you can double it up or increase the recipe for however many portions you require. You’ll need 200ml Koko coconut milk, 1 free-range organic egg, 1/2 tbsp. xylitol, 1/4 tsp. cinnamon, 1/4 tsp. nutmeg and the seeds from 1/2 vanilla pod. Add the coconut milk to a pan over a medium heat, stirring occasionally. While this is heating add 1 egg yolk to a glass bowl and whisk with the xylitol, the spices and the vanilla. At the point where the coconut milk is just about to boil, gently pour it into the egg mixture while whisking and continue to mix until fully blended. Now add a few inches of boiling water to the pan that contained the coconut milk over a medium heat and then add the glass bowl on top so the mixture sits in the boiling water. Because this recipe uses coconut milk, it makes it quite prone to splitting and ending up liked scrambled eggs (which we don’t want) so this bain-marie technique prevents that from happening. Continually stir the mixture with a wooden spoon and at some point (after about 7-8 minutes) the mix will start to thicken and you’ll see that it coats the back of the spoon. That’s when you know the egg is all cooked through and ready to enjoy. Transfer that to your favourite mug, wrap your mitts round it and let the festivities begin! Cheers!

Marks and Spencer Christmas Sandwich

Festive sandwich roundup

There are still a few working days left until Christmas so for those of you who like to partake in a festive sandwich on your lunch break, here are a few options that won’t take too much of a toll on your health. One of the things we should look for in a sandwich is plenty of protein to help prevent that afternoon slump, and the good news is that many of the festive sandwiches on offer are packed with protein. Unfortunately, many of them also contain far too much salt. Pret a Manger was where the festive sandwich trend first kicked off, but their classic Pret Christmas Lunch is incredibly salty, with half your recommended daily intake (3g) per serving. Their veggie Christmas lunch, however, tastes amazing, and with half the salt of its meaty counterpart, is well worth a try! LEON have put together a great Christmas wrap which contains 32g of protein and stays at the lower end of the Christmas sandwich salt index! While you may be tempted by EAT’s full festive works bloomer, at 3.5g salt you would be better to opt for the equally festive turkey and cranberry sandwich instead, which contains a third of the salt yet still maintains an impressive 26g protein. Or better still, their festive vegetable stew pots (which are available with turkey or as a vegetarian option) manage to max out on festive flavours without relying on a big slab of bread or hefty dose of salt to make it tasty. But by far our favourite is the Three Bird Roast wrap from Marks & Spencer, which has 25g protein, half the sugar of many of the others mentioned and only 1g salt. Bravo M&S!

Hipster Hamper

Hipster Christmas Hamper

Left it to the last minute and need something super cool for the hipster in your life? Or perhaps a lovely gift for your Christmas dinner host…? Leave it to artisan cafe and bakery Foxcroft & Ginger, who have created a fabulous Christmas hamper packed full of foodie treasures and organic treats. Priced at £25, the retro tin hamper includes coffee beans from The Roasting Party, Winter Spiced Tea from Chash Tea and Foxcroft & Ginger’s very own house-made plum jam, chutney and cheese biscuits. You can pick up a hamper from either of their two branches in Soho or Whitechapel, or by emailing info@foxcroftandginger.co.uk. More info also available at Luxe PR.

Best Green Drinks Ever

Best Green Drinks Ever

So what’s the big deal about greens anyway? Why have sales of Brussels sprouts, kale and broccoli shot through the roof over the past year? Well, for good reason…Pound for pound, leafy green vegetables contain more nutrients than just about any other food. The beauty of the book Best Green Drinks Ever: Boost Your Juice with Protein, Antioxidants and More by Katrine van Wyk, is that it’s not just about juicing. Katrine has created a range of recipes that include protein, fibre and superfoods; nutrients that the juicing method alone tends to leave out. She also encourages you to try out your own smoothie combinations and gives helpful tips on how to load your blender – solids or liquids first? Be sure to check out Katrine’s other book, Best Green Eats Ever, which is packed full of creative salad and snack recipes to help incorporate more greens into your meals. Go on, make someone’s Christmas a little more green!