Noocity growbeds

Raised beds with a difference

Gardening is one of the latest pastimes to get a high-tech overhaul, and when we were at the Edible Garden Show a few weeks ago we were amazed at some of the revolutionary companies that are emerging. One company that got our inner-city green fingers twitching was Noocity. Noocity make raised beds, but their raised beds are no ordinary raised beds. Once filled up with water, the plants will gradually suck up just the amount of water they need through the unique capilliary system connecting the water storage area with the soil, while also acting as a reservoir to collect and store rainwater. Perfect if you have a small area of outdoor space or a roof terrace. Furthermore it’s a great option for those of you who spend long periods of time traveling over the warmer months as this system can keep itself going for up to 3 weeks. They look stylish and use up to 80% less water than conventional cultivation systems. The Noocity growbeds are available on IndiGoGo at the reasonable price of £93. Well worth a look, and just in time for the growing season!

Superfood Cocktails

Superfood cocktails

In drinking establishments across London, bartenders are turning less and less to their arsenal of sugary mixers and more to Mother Nature, as superfood cocktails increase in popularity. Take your pick from a host of options such as the ‘Pomegranate Dream’ at the Arch Hotel, the ‘Celeriac Bellini’ at Grain Store or one of the many botanical cocktails on offer at the Botanical Speakeasy pop-up on the 30th April (tickets available here). If you are planning on throwing a party at home, basing your cocktails around superfoods can be a great way to not only drink significantly less booze, but to also get a hit of nutrients along the way, many of which can help the liver process the alcohol and go some way to minimising its effect on the body. Switch up sugar-laden crème de cassis with pomegranate juice for an alternative antioxidant-rich Kir Royale, or sup away on cucumber juice with a dash of elderflower cordial topped-up with champagne for an electrolyte-rich healthier cocktail alternative.


Jamie’s Kitchen Garden Project

We’ve all heard of Jamie Oliver, celebrity chef and restauranteur. But there is a lot about him you may not know. In 2002 Jamie established The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation, the mission of which is to shape the health and wellbeing of current and future generations and contribute to a healthier world. The Foundation runs three core food education programmes: the Kitchen Garden Project, the Ministry of Food and the Fifteen Apprentice Programme. This week we’re focusing on Jamie’s Kitchen Garden Project, an online community and educational hub directed at UK primary schools. The goal of the Project is to provide schools with the resources they need to teach children how to grow food and prepare nutritious meals from scratch. We fully support this fantastic initiative to bring cooking skills and food education back into the curriculum to provide for a better future. To find out how you can get involved and get schools involved, visit the webpage here


Natural beauty goes glam

Natural beauty products never used to pose much competition for the glamorous contents of department store beauty counters. They were considered more of a safe bet for a hand cream or bath soak, where you couldn’t really go wrong. For any glam gal about town, a first impression doesn’t get much better than great skin, fabulous nails and a powerful lip. But does that mean we have to rule out cleaner products which are often better for our bodies, the environment, and our ethics? This week Sam trawled through the natural and organic beauty world and came up with three winning products that stand up to (and in some cases exceed) any beauty aficionado’s expectations. Drumroll please….For skincare, the Ren range is simply fantastic. It only uses 100% plant and mineral derived ingredients and includes products for all skin types. As for nails, Zoya takes first prize and even lasted longer on Sam’s manicured talons than Essie, which she couldn’t quite believe. They have an amazing colour range too. And last but not least, for that sexy lip, Sam suggests you try Organic Glam. The lipsticks have real staying power, come in 8 great shades and feel lovely on the lips. We encourage you to go “au naturel” for yourself and let us know what you think!