The Healthy Easter Indulgence list 2015

The healthy Easter indulgence list 2015

It’s become a bit of an annual tradition of ours to scour the market for the healthiest Easter indulgences we can find. In the past we’ve had to limit our selection criteria to those with a 70% cocoa content or above, but this year we are seeing many more companies, both artisan and high-street, producing eggs aimed at the healthy consumer. It is with great delight that we bring you our Healthy Easter Indulgence List 2015 which includes products for nearly ever kind of dietary restriction: vegan, vegetarian, sugar-free, raw and above all, those with a real penchant for dark, antioxidant-rich chocolate. Enjoy!…READ MORE

Raw vegan sea salt and walnut dark chocolate mini eggs

RECIPE // Sea-salt and walnut dark chocolate mini eggs

If nothing on our Easter indulgence list tickles your fancy, or if you are in a creative mood this Easter, how about trying your hand at being your very own chocolatier? It really couldn’t be any easier with an ingredients list you can count on one hand. The only problem will be stopping yourself from eating the whole lot!…READ MORE

Easter Activities London 2015

Easter activities for the weekend

The clocks have sprung forward and now all we’re waiting for is springtime to actually arrive. If you’re determined not to let this week’s showers get in the way of some Easter fun over the bank holiday weekend, look no further than our roundup of Easter-themed events to keep you active and inspired!…READ MORE

Asparagus Growing

Cool spring growing

If you’re planning on having an easter egg hunt in your garden this weekend, it might be a good time to plan your seasonal growing at the same time! There are several vegetables which make great seasonal planting choices for this rather cool and wet spring we’re having and here are a few of our favourites…Freshly picked asparagus tastes truly out of this world and it grows really well in this weather, but it does take a good year for the first crop to establish, so plant now to enjoy fresh asparagus in time for Easter 2016. Look out for the purple and white varieties too. Peas are another option; there’s even a tradition of planting the first peas on St Patrick’s Day, so you should be successful in giving shelling, sugar snap or snow peas a go right now. Freshly picked lettuce tastes a million times better than the supermarket varieties, so it’s really worth trying to grow your own for your salads and stir-fries. Spinach is a great cool weather gem and is one of the most nutrient-dense foods out there. It also grows really quickly, so a good choice for the impatient grower! For more gardening tips, the Royal Horticultural Society’s website is a fantastic resource.