Top 5 Clean Healthy Protein Powders

Top 5 clean protein powders

You can’t get far in a health food shop without stumbling into massive tubs of protein powder. For years, protein powder has been the domain of bodybuilders looking to get easily-digestible protein into their system soon after a workout, in order to support optimal muscle growth. But protein powder has now entered the mainstream, as more and more people understand the benefits of incorporating more protein into their diet for general health and to support fitness goals and weight-loss. As its popularity has grown, so too has the range of available protein powders, and thankfully now there are several companies committed to making clean protein without all the nasty fillers, sweeteners and flavourings traditionally used in old-school powders. So we wanted to share with you a few of our favourites in this week’s run-down of healthy, pure and clean protein powders…READ MORE

Wildreness Festival 2015

Wilderness Festival

Summer season also means festival season and the one that absolutely has our seal of approval is Wilderness. For its fifth year, the organisers have created a very impressive and eclectic programme of activities, food, and music to keep wellbeing warriors and culture vultures inspired for an entire weekend. To give you a flavour of what you can expect from this year’s programme, I’ll share with you what my ideal itinerary would look like on a day at Wilderness: Morning: “Wild swimming” followed by an attempt at paddle-board yoga. Lunchtime: Daylesford Cookery School followed by a Philosophy Walk and then a lesson in long bow archery. Afternoon: V&A talk on the McQueen exhibition and then a massage. Evening: Ping pong tournament, a game of croquet and then open-air dinner at The Dining Room with Maze Sushi and Duck & Waffle. Later: A boogie at the Bjork/George Clinton/Ben Howard tents….Are you sold yet? Wilderness Festival, 6-9 August 2015 in Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire. Sam

Neom Stress Audit

Neom Lifestyle Stress Audit

The word “stress” has become such an integral part of our everyday vocabulary that we could be accused of over-using it and thus undermining its importance. The truth of the matter is, however, that stress is a very real phenomenon and one that can significantly affect our health if not controlled. By 2020 The World Health Organisation predicts that the top four diseases will be stress-related, so when wellbeing brand Neom Organics heard this, they decided to undertake a National Lifestyle Stress Audit of over 1,000 women to find out more about their stress levels. The Audit yielded some interesting and somewhat counter-intuitive results, such as earning more money makes us more stressed, and that more time rather than more money would help us de-stress. You can read the full results in Neom’s Wellbeing Magazine or in the article printed in The Telegraph here. And for one of our videos on how to manage chronic stress, click here.

Nectar Cafe Camden TriYoga

Nectar Café at TriYoga

When you’ve just finished a yoga class and you’re feeling all zen, sometimes you just need to sit down in an equally chilled-out environment with access to suitably healthy food and drink. Perhaps that’s the reason that some of London’s most healthy and relaxing cafés have sprung up alongside the different branches of TriYoga. You have the delightful Retreat Café in Soho, the Organic Cafe in Chelsea and we’re adding another to your list with the incredibly relaxing and calm Nectar café at TriYoga Camden. Nectar café offers a nutrient-rich and delicious menu based around plant foods, aromatic waters, resins, herbal extracts and bio-dynamic ingredients. Breakfast includes organic raw oat and chia seed porridge sprinkled with rose, lime and toasted almonds. For lunch and dinner there is a variety of fresh salads and wraps to eat in or take away. Definitely one to check out if you are in the area for one of TriYoga’s top-notch yoga classes or if you’re just looking for a calm space to escape the madness of the city for an hour or so. Nectar Cafe: 57 Jamestown Road, London, NW1 7DB