1-minute Mayonnaise recipe

1-minute mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is one of the most rewarding things you can make at home. Rich, creamy, an amazing taste and with none of the rubbish they pump into the supermarket stuff. There is one drawback though; it is a real pain in the neck to make, requiring a delicate mixture of patience, strong whisking technique and very steady hand. But fear not, mayonnaise lovers! You can now make delicious homemade mayonnaise from scratch in just 1 minute, and in this week’s video we’re showing you how to master this kitchen cheat. We’ve added a bit of nutritional know-how to the ingredients list and the recipe contains plenty of omega 3s, monounsaturated fats and even some vitamin E and K for good measure. So grab your hand blender and let’s get cracking. Watch here!

T.E.D. Restaurant London


It’s always extra special when you come across a restaurant that gets your tastebuds tingling as well as your ethical halo gleaming. The T.E.D Community (Think.Eat.Drink) is a fantastic new initiative that’s trying to promote a change within the food industry by affecting how it approaches its supply chain. Members form part of an approved network of hospitality companies and as such are able to promote their products and services to like-minded companies within the Community. The T.E.D Restaurant has been built using sustainable materials, by contractors who use eco-sensitive practices. It serves delicious, ethically-sourced, British produce to its lunch and dinner customers from its open kitchen, and the live kitchen-cam allows you to watch the chefs at work. This place ticks ALL the boxes! 47-51 Caledonian Rd, London N1 9BU

City pick your own PYO berries

Go berry picking!

August Bank Holiday may have come and gone in a flash, but that doesn’t mean summer is over just yet. If you’re keen on milking the remaining days of decent weather and want to fill your weekends with summery activities, we have just the thing for you. Parkside Farm in Middlesex started out as a mixed dairy and arable farm in 1938, and has remained family run ever since. The farm now grows nearly 20 different fruits and vegetables exclusively for Pick-Your-Own, a collection of farms open to the public, between June and October. Parkside has close to 50 acres of picking potential, and its own reservoir for irrigating the crops. Now is the perfect time to go and pick strawberries, blackberries and raspberries, so take a day trip to the beautiful rolling greenbelt countryside and get foraging!

Preserve Recycled Razors and Toothbrushes

Yoghurt-pot razors

There was a time when recycled products were only for diehard eco-warriors, who were committed to saving the planet despite many of the products not working properly or looking stylish in the process. This is far from the case nowadays, as we have a whole host of wonderful companies committed to producing recycled products that are not only incredibly effective, but are pretty darn stylish too. Preserve is one such company that makes everything from toothbrushes to razors out of old yoghurt pots. They look great, work a treat, they’re BPA-free and can even be recycled again afterwards. Toothbrushes and razors available online from Amazon or in store from Planet Organic..