Bel Air Restaurant London Shoreditch

The fresh taste of Bel-Air

Los Angeles: The mecca of healthy eating where kale is commonplace and cold-pressed juices are clutched by all. Whilst we are still a little way off the dizzy health heights of LA in London, we are now one step closer as LA-inspired Bel-Air opens its doors to the public. Having spent some time in Los Angeles, founder Andrew Bredon has returned to London with a mission to put his healthy spin on take-out food. I popped along last week on a search for a high protein breakfast, a cold-pressed OJ and a chat with Bredon himself…READ MORE

8 week physique M10 Fitness

Tomm’s 8-week challenge

Undertaking exercise can feel like a joy during the summer months, but when it’s cold, wet and gloomy outside, motivation often goes out the window. It was one such murky day when I sat chatting to my big bro about my own personal challenges during the winter months. My brother just happens to be one of the UK’s leading body transformation experts, so I should have known what was coming. Soon after it was decided that what I needed was a goal, and what better goal than to complete my brother’s tried and tested body transformation package: ‘8-week physique’. I have just emerged from my 8-week journey and the results are incredible. I have more than halved my body fat percentage while replacing all lost fat with muscle. I’ve done a fair share of challenges in my time but never before have I seen such impressive changes to my physique so quickly. Anyone who is serious about getting in shape for summer should head over to and download a copy of the 8-week programme. Tomm

London Coffee Festival 2015

The London Coffee Festival

Get ready for an extra special cup o’ joe at the end of April, because The London Coffee Festival is coming to town once again. London’s coffee scene is constantly evolving, with artisan coffee shops popping up all over the place and coffee alternatives becoming commonplace. The Festival will feature over 250 coffee and gourmet food stalls, demos, tastings and coffee art from world-renowned baristas, as well as live music, theatre, art exhibitions and more. One of our favourite parts of the Festival last year – The Lab – is back and we’re excited to see what interactive demonstrations they have in store for the coffee science geeks amongst us. There’s not just coffee at the festival either; explore delicious new teas, milk alternatives like almond and coconut and filtered water companies as well. Get your tickets here; 50% of the ticket value is donated to clean water projects in coffee-producing countries, so you’ll also be contributing to a great cause by visiting Brick Lane’s Old Truman Brewery between the 30th April – 3rd May 2015.

Yoga Studio App

Down with your downward dog

Being a nutritionist doesn’t mean you’re an aficionado of every aspect of a healthy lifestyle….there are things you find easy to accommodate and other things which don’t so easily fall into your comfort zone. Yoga is one of those things I have shied away from, as I was always somewhat (alright extremely) intimidated by the thought of headstands and 40-degree Bikram studios. I was quite comfortable with my go-to workouts of high-intensity Body Pump and low-intensity Pilates, thank you very much. Then someone happened to introduce me to Yoga Studio, an app costing £2.99 from the App Store – I’ll allow you the momentary shock-horror at the thought of actually paying for an app – but assure you this is a very small price to pay for the perfect introduction to the world of yoga. Yoga Studio is the ideal starting point for the non-yoga bunny, where you can choose your level (from beginner to advanced), choose the duration of session (from 10 minutes to an hour) and even customise your music. Set your iPad up on the floor in front of your mat, or stream to a bigger screen, and off you go….I’m hooked. Sam