Plenish Cleanse Discount

A Plenish cleanse just for you

Cold pressed juicing has certainly made its mark on the London health scene this year, and with the help of one company in particular. Plenish was created in response to a gap in the British market and now its organic, cold pressed juices are being stocked in London’s finest department stores and health shops, and its cleanses are helping to restore bodies to temples everywhere. You can choose from three different Plenish cleanses: Harmony for the novice cleanser, Clarity for the intermediate juicer and Purity for the hard-core juice aficionado. Purity contains the highest amount of alkaline green juices, but the cleanses are equally packed with nutrients and you finish off each day with the best tasting cashew milk on the planet. In case you need any more of an incentive to try their cold pressed delights, the lovely people at Plenish are offering our readers a 10% discount on their cleanses, Juice Boutique and 5:2 package. You just have to quote PAGET&COLES when you place your order. 

Keen Nut Butter

Keen nut butter bliss

Something magical happens when you squish together a pile of nuts, giving rise to one of the world’s most pleasurable and moreish foods; nut butter. With sugar-laden peanut butter still dominating the market, we are always on the search for healthier nut butters, and when it comes to great tasting alternatives you don’t get much better than Keen. Keen have taken almond, hazelnut, and pecan nut butters and combined them with a range of exciting flavours like vanilla, cinnamon and dark chocolate. The result is a range of products that takes Keen from ‘just another nut butter company’ to ‘knock me down with a feather amazing’. Since the company started in 2013 Keen nut butters have been solely based in Ireland, but they have now landed in the capital and are available to buy from Lomax in Fulham (SW10) and Dandelion on the Northcote Road (SW11). For those of you who can’t get down to SW London, the range is also available online for UK delivery from Perfectly Paleo. Of all the flavours, our favourite was definitely the hazelnut butter with extremely dark chocolate (85%); a great alternative to high-sugar Nutella, and guaranteed to go down well with the kids.

Barrys Bootcamp London

The world’s best workout

If you’re someone who loves a crazy workout challenge once in a while, it’s time you took notice of the group fitness phenomenon deemed “The Best Workout in the World”. Barry’s Bootcamp entered the American fitness market in 1998 but only arrived in London last year. “Barry” dreamt up the concept from his Hollywood barracks, and in just one of his bootcamp sessions you burn 1000 calories…and yes, it feels like it. The workout combines intense cardio with strength training, in a nightclub-lit studio with great music. The trainers all look like movie stars and keep you working with their American style fitness talk. The studio is split between a wall of 20 state-of-the-art treadmills and floor space for weights, and you basically go back and forth between the two areas for an hour. In case this all sounds too intense, each class has a beginner, intermediate and advanced option…so no excuse!

Hyatt Regency Churchill Montagu Vegan Menu

5* vegan at the Montagu

You know the healthy vibe is here to stay when you don’t just find vegan menus at obscure Soho eateries, but when they also start cropping up in extremely high-end restaurants. Well you don’t get much more high-end than the Hyatt Regency Churchill, one of London’s most luxurious 5* hotels. Chef, health guru and martial arts expert, Ali Parvinjah, has brought his successful vegan menu all the way from LA to launch an exclusive vegetarian and vegan menu at The Churchill’s Montagu restaurant. Parvinjah now offers London diners an imaginative selection of perfectly proportioned vegan and vegetarian dishes in this luxury setting. Culinary creations have been infused with delicious flavour combinations, including heirloom tomato salads, quinoa “polpette” with butterbean and baby artichokes, and desserts such as raw chocolate ice-cream with coconut whipped cream and an innovative take on pecan pie. £26 for 2 courses or £30 for 3 courses. Montagu, 30 Portman Square, London, W1H 7BH