Koko Kara Dairy Free Coconut Milk

Dairy-free? Go KoKo!

With up to 15% of the UK population thought to be lactose intolerant, it’s no wonder that the market for milk alternatives is positively booming, with everything from soya to quinoa being pulverised and made into a dairy-free alternative. Be warned however that many of these milks are laden with sugar and all sorts of other nasties. Here in the P&C office we are big fans of one in particular: KoKo dairy-free coconut milk (formerly Kara). Unlike the coconut milk you get for your Thai green curry, KoKo is more the consistency of regular milk and perfect for the one thing we can’t do without here in the UK, a proper cup of tea! It’s got a much milder coconut taste than you might expect, and it’s definitely the closest thing to real milk that we have come across. Koko is now available in most supermarkets and health foods shops. For more information click here.

Healthy Ice Cream

Ice cream the healthier way

In case you haven’t noticed we’re in the middle of a heat wave, and the two most desirable cool-down methods, carrying with them quite a sense of urgency over the past few days, are swimming and eating ice cream. Well you’re in luck, as this week we cover both, kicking things off with healthier ice creams. The other day we cracked open a tub of Booja Booja Hunky Punky Chocolate and were reminded just how scrumptious it was. Made with just 4 ingredients: cashews, cacao, agave and water, it even works as an addition to your post-workout smoothie! Coconut milk has become the most recent contribution to dairy-free frozen desserts, so try Bessant & Drury’sZen Zen and COYO (purveyors of that lush coconut yoghurt), for a great range of flavours and knockout taste.

Swimming Serpentine Hyde Park

Swimming in Hyde Park

London in the heat: lovely to have it, yet hard to cope with it when you’re running around doing your business. The “keep a bottle of water on you” signs at the tube stations are all well and good, but don’t help with the small problem of arriving at your destination looking like you’ve just been trapped in a sauna with all your clothes on, along with a hundred other people lying on top of you. It brings a whole new meaning to the term hot mess. If all you want to do right now is dive head first into cool water and feel like you’re on holiday for an hour, we encourage you to emerge a sweaty wreck from Knightsbridge tube, walk ten minutes through Hyde Park to the Serpentine Lido, and do just that. ABSOLUTE BLISS

Mina Holland Edible Atlas

The Edible Atlas

Oh were there an actual edible atlas where we could taste all the diverse and complex flavours from around the globe with the flick of a page. Alas, they haven’t invented that yet, but the next best thing is surely this delicious book by Mina Holland. The sleeve informs us that this book is “as comfortable in your kitchen as it is at your bedside”, and we couldn’t agree more. With fascinating facts and stimulating tales from around the globe, Holland takes us on a journey throughout 39 of the world’s most delicious cuisines with relatively simple recipes along the way. Looking to alternative cultures for inspiration can be a great way to shake us from our cooking routine and introduce us to a host of new flavours, herbs and spices. So whether you are looking for a new recipe book or just a great summer read, this one is for you! Available here