Supernatural Smoothie Juice Bar London Canary Wharf

A Supernatural juice bar

As you know, we love a juice bar, but with the best juices being made fresh to order, you can imagine that sometimes the queue of fussy health hunters gets a bit lengthy. Understandably this doesn’t really make it easy for juice bars to capitalise on rush hour trade, where even 1 minute of waiting for a drink can spark outrage. When we saw a juice bar located right in the heart of the City in Canary Wharf station, one of London’s busiest tube stops, we were intrigued to know what their secret was. Supernatural have it sorted, and the speed at which they produce super healthy juices and smoothies is indeed supernatural, at an average of 30 seconds. If you think that with all this speed, the flavour must suffer, you’d be wrong. These are some of the most dedicated juicers you’ll meet, with all bartenders being ex-mixologists from some of London’s top cocktail bars. In their own words, “We’ve come this far to make something healthy; why hide what we do or use sub-standard ingredients?”. And if that’s not enough to get you excited, they boast some of the lowest costs of superfood juices across London, at £3.95 for 350ml and even run a loyalty card scheme. As well as the flagship branch at Canary Wharf, they also have pop-ups in Great Portland Street Underground Station, Sourced Market at St Pancras International and now in Paddington Central as well. A Supernatural company who gets a super big thumbs up from us!


Eat Water’s low carb pasta

When it comes to easy options for dinner, especially if you have kids or are exhausted after a day’s work, pasta is probably the most popular choice. But piling your plate high with a big portion of simple carbohydrates can unnecessarily raise your blood sugar levels right before bed, a time when you won’t be burning off that increased energy. Eat Water has come up with a range of low-carbohydrate pasta, noodles and rice, made with a natural blend of organic konjac vegetable flour and organic oat fibre. Consumed in Asia for many centuries, the konjac plant is a completely natural, fibrous food that is safe for vegans, vegetarians, Coeliacs and diabetics. Konjac has a very mild taste, making it a versatile base for a variety of flavours and sauces. Eat Water’s Slim Range is completely organic and GMO free, and is available from many health food shops, such as Holland & Barrett and Revital. Be sure to check out the Eat Water website for a great range of recipes to guide you through your first konjac experience and keep you inspired for many meals to come!

Foodival Festival Tooting 2015 London

Celebrating local in Tooting

For weeks, the residents of SW17 have been cultivating their best local produce in advance of Foodival 2015. Foodival is a celebration of all that’s good about locally grown food, and one which aims to show how it’s possible to grow local, eat local, be sustainable and have fun while doing it! Head over to Tooting High Street on 12th and 13th September and experience the fruits of their labour with top Tooting cooks, food and craft stalls, live entertainment, juices by local company Route to Juice and of course plenty of wonderful food on offer…all grown within a 5 mile radius of SW17. Tooting Field Days will also be incorporating their monthly kids’ safaris into the Foodival on Sunday 13th, by making and decorating percussion instruments to parade along Tooting High Street to the Foodival alongside a giant vegetable. It will be a great weekend of entertainment to cheer up the kids as they start back at school after the holidays. You can find more information about the Tooting Field Days and book your free tickets here.


Scents to make you feel good

A while back we wrote about the Neom Lifestyle Stress Audit, the results of which revealed that 60% of women would choose ‘more time’ over ‘increased income’ to combat rising stress levels. We can all relate to the fact that time always seems set against us – there is never enough of it to finish work, get the sleep we need, have a relaxing bath, go to the gym or unwind with friends. So as life gets busier, the “on the go” solution has become more acceptable and more innovative. The experts at Neom Organics have designed the Scent to Make You Feel Good On The Go Collection to help busy people de-stress, boost mood, re-energise and sleep better. The collection includes four individually packaged oil blends, each with a bespoke therapeutic objective, formulated to hit the bloodstream and begin working immediately. The 5ml pulse point roll-ons last on the skin for up to 3 hours, and are the perfect size to keep in your handbag, briefcase or travel bag. At £8 each, they are available now at Neom’s Wimbledon Store.