Patternity Patternitea Tea T2 Collaboration

PATTERNI-TEA design collaboration

When we visited The London Design Festival last week, we were super inspired to come across a collaboration between one of our favourite tea companies, T2, and one of the slickest members of the design world, PATTERNITY. T2 is a purveyor of world famous tea blends, taking traditional blends and giving them a unique twist. They also create some fantastic tea recipes. PATTERNITY is a specialist design company dedicated solely to pattern. They work with a long list of clients and collaborators, blurring the boundaries between function and design. These two inspiring companies joined forces for the Festival to create bold aesthetics and harness the positive power of pattern. You can still catch the impressive window display at the Shoreditch T2 store if you hurry, and then why not swing by the PATTERNITY gallery just a few doors down.

Kew Autumn Festival Spice

Kew Gardens gets Spicy

Kew Gardens is always a hub of horticultural inspiration, putting on several unique events throughout the year to keep the whole family entertained. This autumn the Kew event lineup once again fails to disappoint with its Spicy Flavour weekends, which commenced on the 19th September and will run until the 11th October 2015. The weekends have been designed to educate us on taste, and allow us to discover how the five senses affect our perception of flavour. You can participate in interactive talks to learn about the science of the senses and find out whether you’re a “supertaster” by taking part in a spicy flavour science experiment. The Spicy Flavour weekends also feature cooking demonstrations, new recipe ideas and savoury snacks and treats from Keik bakery. Grab your tickets before they get snapped up from the Kew website here. (Photo credit: RBG Kew)

Farm Girl Notting Hill

Australian Farm Girl hits Notting Hill

No restaurant embodies a healthy eating ethos better than one which is inspired by a rural farm upbringing. The aptly named Farm Girl opened in June of this year, and is the brainchild of Australians Rose Mann and Anthony Hood. Rose’s childhood spent on an Australian dairy farm means she can “milk a cow like a pro” and has a true appreciation for simple, nourishing food. The menu has been designed by ex-private chef Benoit Marmoiton, who specialises in creating healthy dishes that don’t compromise on taste. Their signature drink is Coconut Drip: cold brew coffee with toasted coconut, served with ice and homemade coconut milk or almond milk. The Better than Bacon BLT is a veggie/vegan twist on its meaty counterpart, made with coconut bacon cooked in real maple smoke, tamari and maple syrup, followed by eight hours of oven drying, and held together by cashew cream…YUM. Farm Girl: 59a Portobello Rd, London W11 3DB.

Rose hip tea forage foraging

Rose hip tea for free

We don’t know about you, but we’ve been making the most out of this cheeky bit of sun lately, and word on the street is that it might continue for a bit. If you’re looking for an activity that’ll get you outside this autumn, look no further than foraging! If you’re a foraging novice and don’t know where to start, may we suggest rose hips. Rose hips are the fruit of the rose plant, which are pollinated in spring/summer and ripen in late summer/early autumn, making now the perfect time to get your hands on them. Foraging for rose hips is a great excuse to get you out of London, or indeed explore the wild spaces and gardens within the city…We created this little video to show you what rose hip foraging looks like, and how to make a delicious tea out of the fruit, which is high in vitamin C and antioxidants. Enjoy!